Cholesterol – Natural Clinical Outcomes

A 50 year old female presented with high cholesterol, no energy, weight gain and depression. She had been to see her medical doctor who warned her to lose weight and change her diet or she would have to begin using medication to lower cholesterol. She was motivated to get her cholesterol down without using medication.

Since she had just been to her doctor, she had a lipid profile that showed cholesterol in the upper 200’s and triglycerides over 400. She was scheduled to have another test in 30 days.

She was advised to follow a strict diet consisting of protein, unlimited vegetables and a few fruits for 1 month.

5 weeks later she presented after seeing her medical doctor and having a new cholesterol test performed. Her cholesterol was now in a normal range and her triglycerides were 150. She was ecstatic! Not only had her cholesterol dropped to a normal range in 30 days but she also informed me that she had lost 20 pounds and had more energy than she ever experienced and her depression was no longer noticeable.

By correcting the underlying cause of the high cholesterol and balancing her body chemistry with diet, many of the symptoms she was experiencing were no longer present.