Dr Joelle Quoted “Is Red Meat Bad for You?”

Dr Joelle is quoted in this article about Red Meat. It examines re-evaluating the idea that red meat is bad based on new evidence to the contrary. Red meat has beneficial nutrients such as protein, iron and B-complex vitamins.

If you are going to consume red meat, “It’s best to purchase organic and or grass-fed meat and even better if you are able to purchase it from a local farmer,” said Joelle Cafaro, D.C. C.C.N., and founder of Heal4Real, an online resource for holistic medicine in an email interview.

“It is recommended to substitute a minimum of 1 meal per week of red meat for other protein sources such as fish, poultry, nuts, and legumes,” said Cafaro.

You can find the article in it’s entirety, here: Is Red Meat Bad for You