Heartburn, Indigestion, GERD?

Take this simple test 

_ I have gas, burping and bloating and/or cramping.

_ I get “heartburn,” “acid indigestion,” “acid reflux” after eating.

_ I take antacids more than once a week or take ‘acid blocker’ medication.

_ I do not have regular (at least daily) bowel movements.


If you answered YES to any of the above you may benefit from digestive enzyme supplements.


Good health comes from good food, yet even the highest quality organically-grown food fails in its health building qualities if the whole food goodness does not reach your body tissues. Enzymes are the key to digestion, absorption and assimilation of nutrients for health and vitality. Good digestion and assimilation of nutrients is painless and quiet. In fact, with proper digestion you should eat a meal and not even be aware that your food is digesting.

With poor digestion you feel distressed and aggravated, sometimes during and most often after the meal.

Bad digestion has a cumulative effect.  Over time poor digestion can lead to a deficiency of key minerals and nutrients.  Indigestion is a sign that food is not being effectively assimilated.

Taking over the counter antacid medications to get relief does nothing to fix the underlying problem. The problem is that your body is not making enough digestive enzymes to breakdown the food you are eating. The results is that the food ferments (rots) in your stomach causing the release of gas and acids. What we commonly refer to as indigestion or GERD.


What to do?

For Occasional Indigestion:

1. Make sure you’re chewing each mouthful of food 30 times.  This has two important benefits:  (1) it thoroughly mixes each mouthful with saliva which begins the digestive process and (2) it will slow the speed of eating and allow the body to reach a level of “fullness” faster.  Just chewing each mouthful 30 times may help you lose weight even if you do nothing else!

2. Drink a full glass of water 30 minutes; before meals.  This helps your body make adequate digestive juices.

3. Consider using one of the following supplements to aid with digestion:

Zypan:  Pancreatic Digestive Enzymes and HCL; take 1 to 3 tablets with normal meals.  It provides additional HCL and digestive enzymes to help properly digest food.

Enzycore :  Our vegetarian-based  comprehensive digestive enzyme formula.  Take 1 – 2 capsules with each normal meal.

Indigestion can be prevented simply by chewing your food thoroughly, drinking more water and taking a digestive supplements to aid the digestive process.


Watch this short video for more information

Healthy Digestion