The Benefits of Essential Fatty Acids for Those with Autism

What exactly are essential fatty acids?  Essential fatty acids can be thought of as “healthy fats”.  They are responsible for healthy development of the brain and immune system.

You have probably heard of omega-3 and/or omega-6 fatty acids, these are examples of the two fatty acids that are extremely important for healthy brain growth and development. These fatty acids protect the brain’s neurons from injury and inflammation, as well as play a big role in allowing those neurons to send electrical impulses and signals throughout the brain and body.

Low levels or lack of omega-3/omega-6 and other essential fatty acids have been linked to one of the factors attributing to the development of autism. Those living with ASD (adults and children) have lower levels of these fatty acids.

Supplementing diet with omega-3 fatty acidsis beneficial for those living with ASD. This is for good reason, considering omega-3 fatty acids have an important role in healthy brain function and development, as well as reduce hyperactivity, lethargy, and stereotypy in children.

Though more scientific studies must be done to show all the benefits available to reap from a diet supplemented with omega-3 fatty acids, there are an endless amount of personal testimonies from families of/those living with ASD that stand by this alternative therapy to aid in the reduction of their symptoms.

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