Hormone test

Hormones affect how you look, feel and function. Take the hormone quiz to learn if your symptoms may be the result of hormonal imbalance. Please answer each question paying close attention to answer no to the questions that are specific to males and females.


1.Do you eat when you are nervous?
2.Do you have an excessive appetite?
3.Are you hungry between meals?
4.Are you irritable between meals?
5.Do you get shaky when you are hungry?
6.Do you exerience fatigue that eating relieves?
7.Do you get lightheaded if meals are delayed?
8.Does your heart palpitate if meals are missed or delayed?
9.Do you have afternoon headaches?
10.Does overeating sweets upset your stomach?
11.Do you awaken after a few hours sleep and find it hard to get back to sleep?
12.Do you crave candy or coffee in the afternoon?
13.Do you experience moods of depression, blues or melancholy?
14.Do you have abnormal cravings for sweets or snacks?
15.Do you have Insomnia
16.Do you experience Failing memory
17.Do you experience Dizziness
18.Do you experience Nervousness
19.Can you not gain weight
20.Do you have Intolerance to heat
21.Are you Highly emotional
22.Do you Flush easily
23.Do you experience Night sweats
24.Do you have Thin, moist skin
25.Do you experience Inward trembling
26.Does your Heart palpitate
27.Do you have Increased appetite without weight gain
28.Is your Pulse fast at rest
29.Do your Eyelids and face twitch
30.Are you Irritable and restless
31.Do you have trouble working under pressure
32.Have you experienced an Increase in weight
33.Do you Fatigue easily
34.Do you have Ringing in ears
35.Are you Sleepy during day
36.Do you have a Decrease in appetite
37.Are you Sensitive to cold
38.Do you experience Constipation
39.Do you have Mental sluggishness
40.Is your Hair coarse & falls out
41.Do you have Dry or scaly skin
42.Do you have Headaches upon arising, wear off during day
43.Do you experience Frequency of urination
44.Do you have Impaired hearing
45.Do you have Reduced initiative
46.Is your pulse slow, below 65
47.Are you Very easily fatigued (female)
48.Did you have a Hysterectomy/ovaries removed (female)
49.Do you experience Premenstrual tension (female)
50.Do you have Painful menses (female)
51.Do you experience Depressed feelings before menstruation (female)
52.Do you have Menopausal hot flashes (female)
53.Is your Menses scanty or missed (female)
54.Do you have Acne that is worse at menses (female)
55.Do you experience Depression of long standing (female)
56.Is your Menstruation excessive and prolonged (female)
57.Do you experience Painful breasts (female)
58.Do you Menstruate too frequently (female)
59.Do you have Vaginal discharge (female)
60.Do you have Prostate trouble (male)
61.Do you experience Urination difficulty or dribbling (male)
62.Do you have frequent Night urination (male)
63.Do you experience Depression (male)
64.Do you have Pain on inside of legs or heels (male)
65.Do you experience Feelings of incomplete bowel evacuation (male)
66.Do you have a Lack of energy (male)
67.Do you have Migrating aches and pains (male)
68.Do you Tire too easily (male)
69.Do you Avoid activity (male)
70.Do you have Leg nervousness at night (male)
71.Do you have Diminished sex drive (male)
72.Do you have Dizziness
73.Do you get Headaches
74.Do you experience Hot flashes
75.Is your blood pressure increased
76.Do you have Hair growth on face or body
77.Do you have Sugar in your urine
78.Do you have Masculine tendencies (female)
79.Do you experience Chronic fatigue
80.Do you have Weakness or dizziness
81.Do you have Low blood pressure
82.Are your Nails weak, ridged
83.Do you have a Tendency to hives
84.Do you have Arthritic tendencies
85.Do you have Bowel disorders
86.Do you have Poor circulation
87.Do you experience Swollen ankles
88.Do you notice Perspiration increase
89.Do you Crave salt
90.Do you have Brown spots or bronzing of skin
91.Do you experience Weakness after colds/influenza
92.Do you experience Exhaustion – muscular and nervous
93.Do you have Respiratory disorders