What Patient’s Say about Working with Dr. Cafaro

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I’ve recommended Dr. Cafaro to my friends and I absolutely recommend her to you too.

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Cafaro! I came to Dr. Cafaro in desperate need of help for my four year old. At the time, my son was on five different prescriptions and was still not well. I had been to multiple physicians as well as an allergist and they all kept throwing prescriptions at him. I finally decided to look for a new perspective and Dr. Cafaro was a breath of fresh air. I will never forget during our first visit, she said that we needed to strengthen my son’s immune system and stop the continuous sick cycle he was in…it felt so simple but made soo much sense (why hadn’t anyone else said this). We finally had someone on our side who was looking at the bigger picture and I finally felt like I was being listened to. In a very short time my son was off all prescriptions. Last winter and thus far this year, I have not needed to take him to the physician for any prescriptions and he has not missed one day of kindergarten!


I trust Dr. Cafaro

Dr. Cafaro gives me cutting edge interpretations of my test results, from blood work to heart test data. She is my go-to for dietary supplements. Recommendations from her evals have proven worthwhile in advancing my health! I highly recommend her for her diagnostic skills and compassionate manner.


I am sincerely grateful to Dr. Cafaro

Dr. Cafaro’s medical guidance has greatly improved my wife’s daily life. My wife’s energy has increased and she experiences less pain. Recent lab tests show a remarkable positive-change in her blood work. We both appreciate Dr. Cafaro’s medical skills, diligent work-habits, and caring manner.


Dr. Cafaro helped me listen to my body and I lost close to 20 lbs.!

When I first contacted Dr. Cafaro, I was extremely frustrated with my health. I had been dealing with lack of weight loss despite eating right and exercising. I had IBS, circular markings on my back, sides and stomach that my doctor wasn’t concerned about and low immunity. After some testing, and determining that I had Candida krusei in my gut, Dr. Cafaro immediately started me on a program to eliminate certain items from my diet.

Over a period of six weeks, I noticed a significant difference in my body shape and how I felt. My bloated stomach disappeared and I lost close to 20 lbs. My usual summer allergies have not made an appearance, and the spots on my body are disappearing.

Throughout the time I was working with Dr. Cafaro, I felt comfortable knowing that I could contact her with any questions or concerns, and she always had a way to assist me with my cravings (if you haven’t heard about the Yonanas Maker, you HAVE to check it out!). I also appreciate that Dr. Cafaro uses a natural approach to conquer health issues.

I highly recommend Dr. Cafaro to anyone ready to find the answers to WHY you aren’t feeling well, and who are ready to do whatever it takes to make your health a priority. The changes she has recommended to me will not be a temporary solution now that she has given me the tools to feel better!


I am happy to say my health and stamina have returned. I even joined the gym again! 

I thought I had reached the end of my options for feeling well, but I met Dr. Cafaro and everything changed. She has helped me go from an exhausted state to one of steadily increasing and more readily available energy. Dr. Cafaro very quickly found the nature of my health imbalance and counseled me with an eye toward natural solutions. She has given me what I need to feel great again!  I highly recommend Dr. Cafaro- she is totally my go-to for good health! I can’t thank her enough!


Dr. Cafaro cares for her patients, takes time and goes the extra mile to find ways to help them.

I started to work with Dr. Cafaro a year and a half ago, and I cannot tell you what a blessing she has been. Dr Cafaro was able to help me with my Multiple Sclerosis.  I was able to stabilize my health and am able to do many more things.  She has been able to help me with any problem I approached her with, be it small or big.

She also helped my husband and children, my mother, and several of my friends!

Our children went through this winter without illnesses! My husband who had nerve pain after a surgery healed quickly, and my mother who had several health problems feels so much stronger.

We all are indebted to Dr. Cafaro. We hope that many other people can profit from her love and care and we ask God to bless her abundantly.

M.H. and Family

My sleep improved, my energy improved, my mood swings leveled, and the BEST part… The tingling that I have in my right arm from MS, has become less and less noticeable!! 

My name is Julie, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in February 2010.  I had never been one to opt for taking medications because if you do some research you see how a lot of the medicines available not only make you sick, but they do not cure MS, nor are they guaranteed to PREVENT episodes from happening.

So I stuck to a natural approach by taking some supplements, working out, and trying to eat right.  This was going well, but I knew my health could be better.  That is when I was referred to Dr. Cafaro.

We did some testing to figure out what was actually happening inside my body.  Dr. Cafaro came up with a plan for me that included a cleanse, supplements, nutritional needs, and physical activity.

Within the first month, I already felt better and noticed a difference in my energy, and that what seemed to be constant bloating has gone away.

From there it seemed more and more was improving.  My sleep improved, my energy improved, my mood swings leveled, and the tingling that I have in my right arm from the MS, has become less and less noticeable!!

I went to the beach in July and my arm tingled maybe once!!  This is amazing because anyone who lives with MS knows that heat creates a big issue.  Heat, lack of water, and lack of sleep are normally triggers for an episode for me, but here I was at the beach in the heat and NO TINGLING!!!  I couldn’t believe it.

Even now 3 months later, I experience tingling much less frequently than before working with Dr. Cafaro.  I am excited to see where this program takes me in the future.

Thank you Dr. Cafaro for helping me become a healthier version of myself.  Please know there are more options for those who suffer from autoimmune issues than just taking medications!! This was and is life changing!!

I am down two clothes sizes, have more energy and my husband acts like we are still on our honeymoon.
In January 2014 I made a conscious effort to get in shape and lose weight. I started swimming 3 to 4 days a week and felt I was eating correctly. In August I was  20 to 25 pounds overweight and had gained weight. I had not lost any weight. In fact, I weighed more than when I was pregnant with my children. My clothes didn’t fit, I was tired all the time, I had difficulty breathing when I did anything strenuous. I lost interest in golfing which is a major part of my free time. I was disappointed that I had allowed myself to get into that condition.

After working with Dr. Cafaro for 5 months, I have my self-esteem back, I have more energy, and I feel and look better.

I now have energy to do things in the evenings and on weekends. I like clothes shopping and wear clothes that show off my newly found figure. Most of all I made a life changing decision to eat better.

Dr Cafaro taught me how to eat the things I love, (Mexican) and still keep with the plan. The recipes for smoothies, and healthy low calorie snacks helped reduce the between meal ‘hungries.’ Plus, I no longer have craving for sweets and I still enjoy a glass of my favorite adult beverage in the evenings.

The email and the conference calls were perfect for our busy crazy days. Dr Cafaro was available to conference with me in the early evenings when I was finished at work. She even checked in on me by email when our conference calls were extended to two or three weeks.

Betsy Kelly

We started to see miraculous differences with Ella. The best way to describe it in our words, “She Began to Wake Up at 9 Years Old”

My daughter was diagnosed with developmental delay just before attending Kindergarten. She showed signs of autism spectrum disorder. Her autism symptoms included hand flapping, fine and gross motor skill issues, spacial logic concerns, and constant a sour or introverted mood.

She was given occupational and physical therapy at school, but it did not seem to be making big progress.  Then at the age of 9 during the summer before fourth grade we contacted Dr. Cafaro.  After a simple diagnostic process, we began a new diet at home as well as introduced a supplement regimen provided by Dr. Cafaro.  In the first 6 weeks, we started to see miraculous differences with Ella.

Her mood lightened, she was more engaged with her surroundings and others, she was joking and picking on her younger sister.  The best way to describe it in our words, “she began to wake up at 9 years old.”  She continues to work with the new diet and supplement regimen as well as her physical and occupational therapists.  She also continues to struggle in some areas like math, but there is a renewed sense of energy and focus with Ella that we have never seen.  It has only been six months, but I have a new daughter and cannot wait to see what the next six months will bring.

I HIGHLY recommend that anyone dealing with health issues or with their children’s health contact Doctor Cafaro and start working with her today.  There is nothing I wouldn’t have given to see the new daughter that I have today with so much more happiness and engagement.  The fog has lifted for her, and my only regret is that we hadn’t found Dr. Cafaro sooner.


Dr. Cafaro has helped my daughter with severe Autism

I have been working with Dr. Cafaro for several months to help my daughter who has severe autism. We work together weekly to discuss progress and issues to decide on what changes may be needed. The first week of working with Dr. Cafaro, my daughter put her pajamas on by herself for the first time ever! I appreciate that Dr. Cafaro puts her heart into her work. She’s dedicated and always professional. I would highly recommend her for her unique expertise!


I’m able to get a good night’s sleep, wake up refreshed and feel REALLY ready to face the day!

The biggest change for me has been my energy. Finding out that I have food sensitivities has changed my health and my life. Dr. Cafaro helped me find out which foods were making me sick and now my fatigue, joint pain and my IBS are gone.

The phone conversations really helped me to keep track of my progress and were so convenient with my busy schedule.

Dr. Cafaro has the willingness to go the extra mile to get to the bottom of the problem.

I highly recommend working with Dr. Cafaro.


I didn’t realize how sick I was until I my body started to heal.

I was tired all the time. I woke up tired, would nap after lunch and go to bed around 8 pm. I had no energy and never felt like doing anything. I wouldn’t go out with friends, rarely did physical activity and couldn’t concentrate enough to even read a book. I had physicals done by my doctor every six months and he kept telling me I was healthy. Although tests proved I had no allergies, I took allergy medicine every day to keep from getting a migraine, which happened two or three times each month. My doctor put me on anti-anxiety medicine because I felt angry a lot.

Since working with Dr Cafaro, I have a lot more energy and do not feel sluggish at any point during my day. I have greatly improved memory and my ability to think is as if I am in my twenties again. My physical health now allows me to enjoy thirty mile bicycle rides or hike up to nine miles and not be left in bed for several days to recover. I no longer have feelings of anger or depression and rarely get a migraine.

I no longer need anti-anxiety or allergy medications. I can function on limited sleep without any brain fog. I can stay awake and enjoy a good time well into the night. I am regaining friendships I had feared were lost. Since I had no idea how sick I was, neither did my friends. They thought I was just becoming anti-social. I can now make plans for events weeks in advance without worrying that I may be sick or have a migraine. I am able to keep up with housework, grow with my career and enjoy time with family and friends.

Dr Cafaro allows your body heal in a time frame and manner that works best for you. She recognized when my body needed extra support and provided me with natural, whole food supplements to help my body heal. I was able to contact her and let her know of an issue I was having and she would take the time to research potential causes. She asked many questions to make sure which route to take and would create a safe game plan for me to heal. She educated me on diet and how it impacts my body. Dr Cafaro was available to explain what I was going through and why.

Lisa Carper

Working with Dr. Cafaro hugely impacted not just my life but my family’s life as well.

There are so many benefits working with Dr. Cafaro! The biggest one for me was that I liked that she listened to me and she made a specific plan for me. It is great to have phone access and that I didn’t need to leave to meet her but best of all I loved having email access and receiving a response promptly!

I like that she works with organic products and helps you make a lifestyle change and not just a quick fix. Working with Dr. Cafaro hugely impacted not just my life but my families life as well. We eat organic and we choose more healthy food choices.

I decided to work with Dr. Cafaro specifically because I liked her approach to healing. Before working with Dr. Cafaro I was lacking energy, had restless leg syndrome, had menstrual cycle symptoms like water retention and extreme mood swings and weight issues. I’ve gained a lot more energy and my mood swings continue to reduce significantly each month.

I am very grateful for Dr. Cafaro!

Jennifer Sacco

Dr. Cafaro was able to help me make the changes I wanted in my life.

I had been on hormone replacement for nearly a decade, gone through menopause and wanted to stop taking them. I tried to take lower dosages of the hormones and suffered because of the hot flashes, just not feeling good and emotional ups and downs. It was a very stressful time.
Today after working with Dr. Cafaro, I am off those meds plus a couple of others. I no longer have the hot flashes. I sleep better and feel better all over. My blood pressure has evened out and I no longer have digestive problems. It is a feeling of empowerment to know that with Dr. Cafaro’s help I can resolve the health issues I am dealing with.

I also loved being heard……to say what I wanted to happen or was feeling and actually felt I was being heard. There are very few people in this world that have the gift of listening and who actually hear what you are saying, even if it wasn’t said exactly right. It is even more rare to have the person who hears to be the one who can do something about what they have heard you say. Dr. Cafaro has that gift.
Thank you!
Jen B

Working with Dr. Cafaro helped me to get to the core of my health problems and allowed me to conceive a child after many failed fertility treatments.

My husband and I had been trying to start a family for more than 4 years without success. We went through infertility treatments, exhausting all of our savings and resources. We were desperate and were unsure which way to turn for help. We both felt that we were never going to have a child of our own.

Dr. Cafaro didn’t just look at the complaint I was bringing that day but did an extensive history and discovered a link that nobody else had considered before. She helped with my diet and gave me supplements. Next thing I knew I was feeling healthier. She gave me hope again.

My husband and I are now expecting our first child. I believe that Dr. Cafaro was meant to help us. Our lives will, happily, never be the same again.

I would strongly recommend Dr. Cafaro to anybody!
Jennifer B

I can now eat just about anything I want with no ill effects.

When I first started seeing Dr. Cafaro, I was in pretty bad shape with Crohn’s Disease. Doctors had nothing to offer me but drugs and I was feeling miserable. I gave my blood work to Dr. Cafaro and she worked up a regimen of whole food supplements for me.

After following her instructions, I started feeling better and started gaining my weight back. I can now eat just about anything I want with no ill effects.

I really like Dr. Cafaro’s approach to helping the patient. She is very kind and takes time to listen.

I am glad my wife insisted that I at least give it a try. I highly suggest you give Dr. Cafaro a try.

I was astonished to find that I felt an initial improvement in a few weeks!

When I first came to you I had limited knowledge and understanding of my chronic problems related to adrenal issues and insomnia. My personal doctor said he was unable to treat me for this chronic condition, saying that I was “normal”.

I was astonished to find that I felt an initial improvement in three weeks! The remaining fixes took longer to resolve but in time I was on my way to having more energy and better sleep. I believe that you have made a significant difference in my life after enduring these issues for over 20 years and going down a lot of false paths with many doctors. I am forever indebted to you for your professional help.

I don’t think you can ever really understand the effects and real promises that you offer until one is on the receiving end of such impressive logical and knowledge-based science combined with your real-world results.

So many people promise so much and never deliver. You delivered more than I had ever expected.

I lost weight, have more energy and less digestive issues.

Before working with Dr. Cafaro I was feeling tired with little energy and a sense of being ‘stuck’ with my weight continuing to increase. As a result of the program I was able to see the benefits right away of feeling lighter, more energy and clearer thinking.

The improvements in my health were more energy, clearer thinking and motivation, as well as less need for sugar and caffeine.

I recommend Dr. Cafaro to everyone for optimal health and less risk of going back to old habits!
V. L. Fowler

I lost 9 lbs in three weeks!

Working with Dr. Cafaro I lost 9 pounds in 3 weeks. I got in a habit of making better food choices and with that I have lost an additional 7 lbs. My energy level is greater and even my skin looks better. I decided to work with Dr. Cafaro because I could not loose any weight regardless of what I did.

I liked working with Dr. Cafaro because she made it easy, I saw and felt results quickly. I have established better eating habits and I look and feel much better.

Sue G

Finally I have the energy to make it through a normal day!

It was almost happenstance that my health issues were even discovered. I contacted Dr. Cafaro to have a nutritional analysis done. Through the process of this analysis, some health issues were brought to light that I’d never known I was dealing with.

I had basically gotten to the point where I thought it was normal to have to shut my eyes on my lunch break and recharge to be able to make it through the day. Either that or I thought the way I was feeling had to be seasonal and would keep waiting for things to get better.

I had been exercising regularly for months without seeing any impact. After working with Dr. Cafaro finally I have the energy to make it through a normal day and still be able to work out and stay active. I’m noticing increased muscle tone and less overall body fat, too.

I feel like I’m finally in control of my life, in the sense of being able to set goals each day and having the energy and drive to follow through on them.

My emotional state also has improved considerably in this short time and that’s another benefit I’d attribute to Dr. Cafaro’s work. I also didn’t realize how much time I spent feeling sad, rundown, depressed and never would have thought that these were being caused by nutritional deficits.

Dr. Cafaro is incredibly knowledgeable and draws from her years of experience to the benefit of each client she sees. She takes a non-judgmental, individualized approach with each situation and works with you to find the best way to help you reach your potential, whether it’s taking into account your particular lifestyle, dietary needs or other constraints.


Migraine free and have never felt better!

Before working with Dr. Cafaro, I struggled with debilitating migraines. The medications used to treat migraines made me feel tired during the day while causing me to lose sleep at night. I missed work often.

Then I found Dr. Cafaro. She listened to me and went above and beyond to find the cause of my migraines and to resolve them. I feel like a whole new person! I am happy, healthy, migraine free and sleeping much better.

I will always feel grateful for Dr. Cafaro’s help and I HIGHLY recommend her.


Dr. Cafaro did More to Improve My Health than Any Other Medical Professional!

I want to thank you for all the help you have given me. I remember the day I met you when I was having one of the worst days of my life. You were patient with me and did more to improve my health than any other medical professional I have ever seen. You used a holistic approach to get my health to where it should be and I certainly appreciate this. I would not be where I am without your help!