Let’s Talk About Healthy Aging

Every week thousands of people retire. It is estimated that 33% of the workforce is eligible for retirement this year. Retirement is a wonderful time of life and remaining healthy is very important if you are going to enjoy it. After decades of hard-work, reaping the rewards of a life well lived should include taking […]

The Healing Power of a Heart-Healthy Diet

Consumer Reports released it’s recommendations for a healthy heart which includes very specific guidelines regarding your diet. The age old advice of low salt and low fat are no longer. Instead follow these practical uncomplicated guidelines to reduce your risk of heart disease by 30% (similar to taking cholesterol lowering drugs). A true heart-healthy diet can […]

Treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism is diagnosed based on criteria from a diagnostic manual of mental disorders however, it is increasingly clear that many of these symptoms are medical – not psychological. Because children with autism-spectrum disorder have health issues that are very complex, individualized dietary changes and nutritional supplements can make profound improvements. Specific alternative medical tests can […]