10 Tips for Healthy Digestion

Does your digestion slow you down or cause discomfort? There are many lifestyle and diet changes you can try that may help improve your digestive health. Healthy Habits To avoid or lessen digestion challenges, Dr. Hall suggests creating healthy habits and making better nutrition choices. Here are some quick tips to try: Eat smaller meals […]

Is a Nutrition Pill Hard to Swallow?

Chewable nutritional products for anyone, young or old, who prefers the convenience of chewing their supplements. Great-tasting and easy-to-take, chewables help fill nutritional gaps in your diet and support your overall health. Chewable supplements are great for children. It’s fall sports season. You want to make sure your children are getting the proper nutrition for […]

Healthy Sports Drinks

Many sports drinks are full of artificial additives and colors, not to mention that most use high fructose corn syrup. Make sure your athlete is well hydrated with a healthy sports drink. Here are a few easy recipes to make your own healthy “Gatorade” like drinks