Phytonutrients are natural chemical compounds generated by plants.  They provide plants the nutrients they need to be healthy. When you consume these plants the nutrients help the body stay healthy.

Nature has given us a plentiful amount of beneficial nutrients that are useful for human health. Phytonutrients are found in plants such as fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, coffee/tea, nuts/seeds, even dark chocolate.

The best optimal heath advantage when it comes to plant nutrients, is to ingest all of the colors of the rainbow. From the numerous colors of bell pepper, to purple beets, to fresh green spinach, there is a surplus of colorful foods.

The colors of food have long been associated with improving health conditions. Green foods: for diabetes, immunity, protects against cancer, and enhances gene expression. Red foods: for the cardiovascular system by protecting the heart and blood vessels, for building muscle mass and skin protection. White foods: for immune system support, decreases allergies, reduces inflammation, helps maintain weight and lowers cholesterol. Purple foods:  improve memory, protect again cancer, improves the gut and keeps a healthy heart. Yellow or orange foods: protect the gut, protect eyes and skin, fights cancer, and improves immunity.

Remember to eat the rainbow for health.

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