You are taking care of your patients. But who is taking care of you?

Practicing chiropractic is physically as well as mentally and emotionally demanding.

In order to be at your best each and every day you need to have high energy and you have to feel good.

You were never told that running a practice, managing staff and taking care of patients could have a negative effect on your own health.

Even with all of the knowledge and experience that comes along with years of education and practice, it is very difficult to objectively assess yourself, let alone heal yourself.

My name is Joelle Cafaro D.C., C.C.N. and I'm a Chiropractor.

I have had a successful practice  and I have been where you are.

I too got into a situation where I was pushing myself to be exceptionally successful in practice and trying my very best to help as many people with chiropractic as possible.

I began to realize that I was becoming more and more tired.

I had to shorten my patient hours and work week. I got adjusted, changed my eating habits, and even sought the advice of medical doctors.


Finally I stumbled upon a holistic Nutritionist who helped me to get back on the path to health. I remember distinctly the moment that I had a burst of energy that lasted only 5 minutes but I knew at that moment what being truly healthy felt like.


As a result of this experience I made it my mission to help other chiropractic doctors be healthy and not burn out of practice early.


I educated myself extensively in alternative medicine & whole food nutrition and eventually became a Certified Clinical Nutritionist.


Now I've made my passion to help successful chiropractic doctors be healthy, feel good and enjoy a rewarding personal life while running a successful practice so that they stay in practice and continue to help their patients with chiropractic adjustments.

I promise you this...

You can have a successful practice and lead a healthy vibrant life.

You can start by taking care of yourself because your health matters.

You've done it for your patients for years, now it's your turn.