You may think that large intakes of fats cause high cholesterol.  However, more recent research shows that carbohydrates clearly raise cholesterol levels.  Carbohydrate intake, like excess calorie intake from any source, stimulates insulin release, which is directly connected to fat gain, insulin resistance, diabetes, elevated cholesterol and triglycerides.

There are 2 types of carbohydrates: simple and complex. Simple carbohydrates are those that convert easily to sugar in the body and eventually turn into fat.  These include most carbohydrates with the exception of vegetables and legumes.

All of the research shows that reducing the number of carbohydrates that you eat will improve cholesterol levels.  In order to lower cholesterol levels quickly and without the use of medications or supplements, a specific strict diet is necessary.  This Diet is called the Phase II Diet.  It was developed by Dr. Melvin page and works quickly to reduce cholesterol levels.

Following this diet strictly for 1 month, can reduce total triglycerides by half, reduce total cholesterol levels, increase your energy levels dramatically (most people say they feel better than they have in years) and cause you to lose as much as 20 pounds in 1 month.

What is the Phase II Diet?      

The Phase II Diet is a diet plan that will help your body to achieve and maintain balanced body chemistry.  Dr. Page emphasized removing refined carbohydrates, sugar and dairy from the diet.  In his clinic, blood chemistries were taken every 2 weeks with significant positive results in such a short time.  Dr. Page emphasized the importance of quality proteins and fats as well as quality carbohydrates.

In the diet plan below, you will eat small amounts (2-4 oz.) of quality protein (preferably animal sources) with every meal.  Your carbohydrates will come from vegetables and small amounts of fruit with occasional carbohydrates from bean or legumes.  You will drink water (as much as a gallon per day) and if you need a sweetener use Tupelo honey or Stevia.  Everyone needs to eat healthy fats.  Fat will not make you fat.  When you eat fat a signal is sent to your brain slowing down the emptying of your stomach making you feel full.  You will eat olive oil, grape seed oil, walnut oil or flax oil only. You may also use butter.  Yes, butter.

The longer you are on this program and the more closely you follow it, the easier it will be to stick to it.  As you become healthier, your cravings for those foods that are not the best choices for you will diminish.

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