Since you are reading this page, you are likely wondering what it’s like to work with me.

To help guide you with this decision and to ensure that I can absolutely help you, the first step is to schedule a Heal 4 Real Breakthrough Health Session.

In this private 45-minute introductory session, we will:

Discuss your individual health concerns and how they are affecting yourhealth, focus and fulfillment

Identify specific goals to achieve optimal health

Outline an individualized plan which may include: diagnostic testing, dietary guidelines, lifestyle recommendations, nutritional supplements and herbal therapies to get you back on track quickly

It’s the first step to deciding if working together privately is the right solution for you.

Are you ready ?

Book a Health Breakthrough Session today!

1) Set up payment   2) Schedule date & time   3) Complete brief intake form


Upon receipt of payment, you’ll receive an email with instructions to schedule your session, using my online calendar.

Read what some of Dr. Cafaro’s patients have to say

  • Working with Dr. Cafaro helped me to get to the core of my health problems.
  • I lost weight, have more energy and less digestive issues.
  • I can now eat just about anything I want with no ill effects.
  • I felt an initial improvement in just a few weeks!
  • I didn’t realize what a difference would be made in my life by working with Dr. Cafaro!