Most of us don’t think about how everyday stresses affect our health in general, and our adrenals, specifically.  We don’t always realize that it may not just be one specific stressor that is creating a drain in energy.  However it can be a number of seemingly unrelated stressors that in combination can have profound effects on our energy, adrenal reserves and over-all health.

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    Here is a list of common stressors.  While any one of these can have negative effects, together they can have a significant effect on our adrenals and energy.

    Extremes of Heat and Cold… 

    Emotional Stress






    Food can be a stressor, especially when it places rapid and unusual changes in blood-glucose, insulin, and cortisol, or immune stimulation.

    Our body’s response to stress is immediate.  Depending on the level of stress, we can have strong responses mainly due to the catecholamine epinephrene (adrenalin), and if the stress continues, the body stimulates the adrenal glands to increase the output of cortisol and DHEA in response to increased needs of the body to cope with the stressor.

    Cortisol is mainly our catabolic hormone (means that when elevated, it breaks down muscle & organ tissues) and is present when we’re faced with continued stress.  Its nature is to increase available blood-glucose and prime the tissues for increased blood-pressure (fight or flight response).

    DHEA is our anabolic hormone (means it builds up muscle and organ tissues), and the precursor to the sex-hormones estrogen and testosterone.

    The delicate balance of these two very important hormones can be upset by chronic stress.  Over time the result is the lowering of DHEA and then cortisol.  In this condition, the anabolic/catabolic balance shifts to more catabolic, and we slowly lose our ability to heal and repair.  Our energy and sleep suffers and our immune system becomes depressed.

    Another health issue with long-term stress, coupled with poor dietary choices is the development of insulin-resistance or Metabolic Syndrome in some individuals.

    The key to recovering adrenal reserves and function is to reduce or eliminate the stressors, and provide targeted nutrients and herbs that act to conserve, and renew adrenal function.  These key supplements can really make the difference in gaining back energy and helping with anabolic/catabolic balance.


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