Women Cycle!  That’s why it’s called the Menstrual Cycle!

The unique physiology of your female hormones – where estrogen and progesterone rise and fall throughout the monthly cycle – is rarely addressed in conventional hormone evaluation. Your female hormones change throughout the month!

Routine testing of your hormones is usually a one sample test of estrogen and progesterone. This reveals your hormone level on that day of your cycle. You may be tested on day 15 or day 5 or day 20. The tests may be normal for that day and you will be told the blood tests are normal even if you clearly have symptoms.

Perhaps your symptoms are PMS, heavy bleeding, migraines, endometriosis or maybe you cannot get pregnant.  None of these are normal. It is not normal to have menstrual symptoms. It may be usual – meaning many, if not most, women have them BUT it is not normal.

Natural fertility evaluations, which are comprehensive, test hormones throughout the cycle – every 2 days. Comprehensive testing uncovers common female hormone imbalances that are the cause of your menstrual symptoms.

Once you know what is happening at each stage of your menstrual cycle, you can see the problem areas and then work to correct them.

Comprehensive fertility testing shows when you are ovulating. If you are ovulating on day 17 or later, it’s not likely you will get pregnant.  Natural fertility evaluations reveal if your estrogen is significantly higher than it should be in relationship to progesterone. If so, you are more likely to have a miscarriage.

If you have been on birth control, it is likely that you will have a more difficult time conceiving because your body has been told not to ovulate. It takes time and sometimes assistance to re-establish the communication between the brain and the ovaries for ovulation to occur. Natural comprehensive fertility testing will show this and then it can be addressed.