Anti-Alzheimer’s Diet?

In 2006, the Mayo Clinic published a research study on the link between Celiac disease and cognitive decline. The conclusion was that the treatment for Celiac disease, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease is a gluten free diet.

Last year a study in Lancet Neurology, concluded that one third of all Alzheimer’s cases might be attributed to a modifiable risk factor.

The Alzheimer’s Prevention Clinic, run by a Cornell Medical Center doctor, promises young people with a risk of Alzheimer’s disease a personalized plan that emphasizes lifestyle and nutritional approaches and studies the effects of dietary modifications on their brain health.

For decades, it’s been said to eat a diet high in whole grains. Is gluten to blame? Eating a diet of unprocessed foods rich in vegetables, fruits and high quality proteins is preferred. However if you are at risk, learning your specific individual dietary needs is the best form of prevention.