Dr Joelle Quoted in DaySpa Magazine

Dr Joelle was quoted in an article called “Eucalyptus, Lift Us Up!”. written by Katie O’Reilly for DayspaMagazine.com. The article is about  how  Eucalyptus is used both for relaxation as well as medicinally.

Dr Joelle’s Quote:

“It came to be used to counteract fever, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, coughs and the fl u,” says Joelle
Cafaro, DC, CCN, herbalist and owner of Winchester, Virginia-based Heal 4 Real. Today, we see the ingredient
listed on the labels of everything from cold medicines to skin creams to mouthwash, but this versatile botanical
can still deliver the goods in its purest form. “Distilling the leaves and twigs with steam creates a refreshing,
stimulating, uplifting and antibacterial essential oil, the vapors of which can be inhaled,” says Cafaro. “Or, the
oil can be diluted with a carrier oil or cream and applied to the skin for a similar effect.”

India’s Pharmacopoeia Commission, which sets the country’s official drug standards, has deemed eucalyptus a counter-irritant and a mild expectorant, notes Cafaro. She adds, “It’s officially recognized by the Chinese Pharmacopeia as an agent to soothe nerve pain, and the Ayurveda Pharmacopoeia recommends its topical applications for headaches and colds. In Germany, eucalyptus tea is a common prescription for bronchitis
and throat inflammation, and in the U.S. it’s often used in decongestant lozenges and syrups, and as an inhalant in vapor baths.”

You can read the entire article HERE


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