What’s in My Natural Medicine Cabinet (part 1)

When it comes to staying healthy throughout the cold and flu season (October-March where I live), I tend to keep key products on hand so that at the first sign of possible illness I can begin taking a strategic supplement for my symptoms. I say strategic supplement because just taking a general immune boosting supplement does not always produce the result I am looking for.

The result I am looking for is to to stop the cold or flu dead in its tracks or to minimize the length of the symptoms. So for symptoms like a head cold, I expect to feel well again in 24 to 48 hours max. For the flu 2-3 days max and hopefully faster.

The most important part of this is my cold and flu Prevention Plan. When I say prevention, I am referring to taking a supplement or herb daily to prevent cold and flu. I take this throughout the season, every day and often twice a day. This makes the difference for me as I don’t worry about getting every illness that it seems everyone around me is dealing with. It is a small investment in my health and often saves money as there isn’t any time lost from work or additional doctors visits. I also make sure that I am eating well and avoiding anything that might stress my immune system such as excess sugar and foods that I have reactions to when I eat them. Reactions may be sneezing, coughing, bloating etc.

Here is the plan I use and some suggestions for what you may want to do during the cold and flu season to stay well.

1. Eat

Eat a minimum of 5-7 serving of fruits and vegetables per day; regularly drink bone broth or eat soups made from bone broths; stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water or non caffeinated herbal teas; avoid sugar and sweet carbohydrate type foods. Eat clean and lean sources of protein with every meal.

2. Preventative Supplementation

Take herbs such as Echinacea Premium, Andrographis Complex or supplements such as Immuplex, Epimune Complex daily.
I can’t stress enough that you have to be taking some type of immune support daily through the cold and flu season otherwise it’s like walking outside without a coat in freezing weather and expecting not to get cold.

Take one of the supplements listed above as directed on the label throughout the cold & flu season to prevent cold & flu.

 Viranon is working well for flu prevention

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Finally if you do get sick there are targeted supplements that can help with your specific symptoms. You can’t expect to take something that is designed to help with cough and feel better if your symptoms are a runny nose and watery eyes.

I will explain all of the specifics of these targeted supplements in my next post so stay tuned.