Personal Training: Total health for optimal health and performance.



Chris Dabrowski, the founder and owner of T-Fitness, answers some common questions about personal training that you probably have been looking for.

Chris started working with strength and conditioning coaches in middle school because he played advanced and travel basketball. After high school he interned with strength coaches and obtained several national and international fitness certifications. He realized at a early age that helping others feel better about themselves and their physical state was the key to self improvement.

What are the benefits of having a personal trainer?

The biggest benefit in having a personal trainer is accountability. A Good Personal Trainer motivates you the minute you walk into the door, consequently, you’re much more efficient during your workout session. They eliminate the guess work and design a program for maximum results based on your individual needs.

Who is the perfect candidate for personal training?

A motivated individual that wants to commit to making certain lifestyle changes and has a strong desired to be successful in reaching their goals.

What is the most common misconception about personal training that you would like to dispel?

There is not a one program fits all. You have have to account for muscle imbalances, PH balance, seated and standing blood pressure, and morning glucose. Each individual needs to be assessed before a trainer can work with them.

In closing

Chris said: Personal Training is a passion of mine. I love every minute in the gym and being in a position to see clients achieve their goals is all the motivation I need to strive for excellence in serving them. It’s the greatest satisfaction there is. I love it!

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